Become a partner with us

We want to be an easily accessible, affordable, and community centric environment.

  • Locally managed by people with similar backgrounds
  • Able to give and get feedback
  • Supported to provide the best service you can
  • Open to different opportunities
  • Flexible to satisfy different demands

We ask you to be:

  • Respectful to other walks of life
  • Adhere to the community guidelines
  • Help to support others
  • Help to support the platform

To join the following will happen:

  • Register on the website you wish to use
  • Contact us using the contact form
    • Your rough location
    • Your general service types (this can change)
  • We will register you as an organiser
  • There will be a local manager in touch to help with onboarding
  • Start building your bookings

You will need to consider:

  • Terms and conditions – all relevant

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